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About Us

About Hestia Medicare Hospital

About Hestia Medicare Hospital

We at Hestia Medicare Hospital operate by a code that we as a hospital will give the utmost care to those who seek. We do it efficiently so that the seekers will feel the effect of our treatment .Patient well being is our number one priority.

"The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm"
-Florence Nightingale

Hestia Medicare Hospital possess the state of the art equipments and professionals aid to your illness. What we envision or hope to achieve in the field of medical service is a world without the fear of illness. We believe we can serve any patient and provide them with the utmost care.

We aim to provide safe,fast and effective treatment for your ailment.We Proudly say that our consulting doctors are the best in the medical care field. Our nursing staff consists of experienced professionals in the industry who has pleasing and down to earth personality.No patient shall be treated unjustly.In Hestia you will not experience just a hospital but a home.