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Radiology and Imaging

Radiology and Imaging

Ultrasound Sca006E

Colour Doppler Ultrasound Scanners

  • GE VOLUSON 730 PRO V – For Ultrasound And Doppler Studies
  • GE LOGIQ S6 – For Ultrasound and Doppler Studies.

We have the latest 4D scanner which gives us real time multi-dimensional images, Colour Doppler and Ultrasound Scanners that help us in vascular and 2D imaging. Trans Rectal studies and Trans- vaginal studies are possible. Procedures such as FNAC True cut biopsy and aspiration with ultrasound guidance are routinely done. TRUS guided procedures like sextant biopsy of prostate, biopsy from other pelvic masses, aspiration of pelvic abscess are also being performed regularly.

Portable X-Ray Unit

Siemens - SIRI MOBILE 60, 160 mA Mobile X-Ray Unit (Two Units)

Ortho Suite

Ortho Suite is a comprehensive collection of protocols for joint and spine imaging. MR imaging is especially suitable for avascular necrosis and internal derangements. The protocols included in this Suite can also be applied for imaging of tumors and infections.