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Life Care Foundation

-Hestia Hospital, Palarivattom, Cochin

Life Care Foundation

Hestia Hospital, Palarivattom, Cochin

In 2016, the Honorable K. M Mani MLA launched of Life Care Foundation, a community welfare project of Hestia Hospital, runs on Palarivattom – Thammam road. Shri. K. V. Thomas MP The program, which was inaugurated, has been able to provide free treatment to more than 50 children and bring them to the forefront of society. The project, titled 'Time Self-Service', is aimed at treating children with neurological disabilities.

Hussain Rasheed hailed the project as an international standard project. The team is headed by Dr. Biju Raveendran, who has been working in the field of neuro rehabilitation for the last twenty years.

The self-help program under the Hestia Hospital Life Care Foundation is part of a community commitment to bring back sufferers who are suffering from what is known as neurologically impaired cerebral paralysis, or cerebral palsy or CP, to brain and brain degeneration. Such diseases cannot be completely cured, but we can certainly bring them back to most areas of life. We have been successful in this. Life Care Foundation's Self-care Therapeutic Program is a program to help children who are experiencing difficulties living without the help of anyone else.

Hundreds of thousands of children find themselves in need of treatment and find a new rhythm to their lives through the Hestia Hospital Life Care Foundation. You should certainly do your best to help a child. We started the Life Care Foundation with the sole purpose of doing everything we could to help our children, who are fortunate to be given the opportunity, to grow in every way possible. We need your help and cooperation. We hope that you will see them as your children and give them the help you need.

The Life Care Foundation continues to receive the best results, despite the inadequacy of sophisticated systems to ensure better service to more children. This has brought many families to tears. As a result of God's infinite love, we are honored to have taken over the entire hospital for this project. We use this opportunity to thank all those who have so generously contributed to it.

We hope your sincere help in this endeavor. We do this at a cost of over Rs 3 crore. At the same time, there is a large section that relies on this hospital. Therefore, we are in the process of transforming Hestia Hospital into one of the first institutions in Kerala to offer free medical care to all. Dr Mathews Mor Anthimos, the Metropolitan and the Chairman of the Metropolitan Thirumeni. A .J. Rajan I .A .S. 'S work experience. Biju Raveendran's experience and the efforts of other leading personalities are leading this project called Life Care Foundation. In addition, he works in the areas of Gynecology, Family Medicine, Orthopedic, Pediatric Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Diabetology, Behavioral Diseases, Psychology and Health Care.

There are about 2,000 to 5,000 children in need of treatment and they all face the greatest consequences. We select children who have little or no access to treatment. Dr. Biju Raveendran, head of the neuro rehabilitation department at Indo-American Hospital, is undergoing treatment. Hestia Hospital is located on the Thammanam route in Palarivattom. The treatment has been going on for the past few years. The treatment is provided free of charge, free of charge, free of charge, food and equipment for the eligible.

Your sincere cooperation with the Life Care Foundation's 'Self' project is appealing. For more information, please call (+91) 0484-2331414 (+91) 7902269111 or 7902269333 or 7902269444 or email Mrs. Heistiahospital@yahoo.com. Contact Ruby Biju, Secretary, Lifecare Foundation, Cochin.

Hestia Hospital is a hospitality center that our society needs. So we're sure you'll be spending some time with these kids when you can. Our next mission is to provide free health care to more people. The sooner it is done, the better